THATCamp: The Humanities and Technology Camp, New England

Thanks to the hard work of an organizing committee, applications are now open for THATCamp New England, to be held in Boston at Wentworth Institute of Technology, November 13-14, 2010. It will follow the standard THATCamp “unconference” format, which means that everyone who attends is expected to present something. (If you’re new to digital humanities, don’t be intimidated! Surely you’ve got a research or teaching puzzle that you’d like to talk about with other people. THATCamps are often a great forum for swapping problems and solutions.)

For those who want more structured training, November 13 will have a BootCamp training track. Travel funding is available (up to $500) for four people (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, untenured faculty) who plan to attend all of the BootCamp sessions and write up a report about their experience. If you’ve got expertise in a particular area of digital humanities and want to teach a BootCamp session, the organizing committee would love to hear more about your ideas.

Due to space limitations, only 90 people can be accepted to THATCamp New England— apply soon if you’re interested. (As of this post, the organizers have already gotten 17 applicants.)



March 25, 2010

Inspired by the Digital Humanities SoCal blog, I created this space as a way to disseminate information about digital-humanities events and research projects in Boston and the greater New England region.  Given how many colleges and universities call New England home, I know that there must be interesting DH projects going on in the area, but as a graduate student at Brandeis for the past 6 years, I’ve had trouble finding them. I keep meeting people who are the One Digital Humanities Person in their department or office, and I want to make a space where we can all find one another.

Right now, the only upcoming DH event I’m aware of is the humanities+digital visual interpretations conference, being held at MIT, May 20-22. I also hear rumors of a New England regional THATCamp in the works, but nothing’s been confirmed yet.

If you’re affiliated with a research center, department, conference, or other project that’s engaged in digital-humanities work, I’d love to hear from you about what you do. I’d particularly welcome guest posts or other contributions from advanced undergrads, graduate student, library/information sciences people, and alternative-academics as well as faculty, in a variety of genres: project overviews, opinion pieces, calls for papers. Please comment below, find me on twitter (@cliotropic), or email me at srl at (mytwittername) dot org.