Seeking Editors for DH New England

October 7, 2011

Would you like to help foster a larger, more connected community of digital-humanities practitioners in New England?

Do you follow Twitter and digital humanities blogs on a regular basis?

Would you like to add an item to the “professional service” section of your CV?

Then volunteer as an editor (contributor) for this blog.


I started this blog over a year ago, before the current wave of major interest in digital humanities really got going. At the time, I found it difficult to identify who in New England (people and institutions) was really “into” DH in a serious way. I wanted to hunt down that information and share it with a wider audience, in hopes that we might all find one another.

When I started looking, I found out about great things going on at Tufts, Wheaton College, Worcester State College, Harvard, MIT, and lots of other places— so many that I barely had time to tweet about them, much less blog here. Then, as happens with doctoral students, my dissertation and job search intervened, and I haven’t had time to post for months.

I don’t want to do a disservice to the community by running a stale blog, so I’m trying to enlist some help.

Why you should be an editor

Editing this blog would be a great opportunity for one or more people. I think it’s probably best for an advanced undergraduate, MA student, or early-stage Ph.D. student, but alt-ac scholars and pre-tenure faculty would also be welcome. I’d love to get 3 or 4 editors with wide-ranging (inter-)disciplinary affiliations– literary studies, history, classics, any of the ethnic studies fields, etc.

  • By keeping your eyes open for interesting work going on in any subfield of digital humanities, and then sharing that information with others, you’ll become more connected with the current state of the field.
  • You’ll learn who’s doing interesting DH projects in New England and be responsible for getting the word out about their cool work. If you want to interview people about their projects, you can publish those interviews here. If you want to solicit guest posts from people, that would be cool too.
  • You’ll have an easy place to publish your notes, reviews, or reflections about that cool unconference or talk you attended. Especially when you hear about something so new that nothing’s been published on it yet, blogging about it helps people with common interests find one another.
  • THATCamp New England has shown that there’s an active interest in digital humanities in the region. This blog could serve as one way for people to carry their face-to-face experiences from THATCamp into ongoing interactions and community.
  • You don’t have to start from zero. If you feel like you don’t know the digital humanities “scene” in New England, I can provide introductions to some people who can point you in interesting directions. (If you have leads on projects/events/etc that would make for good blog posts, do share them in the comments below.)

I’d be especially interested in hearing from people who want to help make the unwritten “rules”, norms, and common practices of digital humanities clear to those who are new to DH. People talk about how “open” digital humanities is as an interdisciplinary field, but every part of academia has its secret handshakes. Let’s demystify some of those.

How to volunteer

Send email to dhnewengland AT cliotropic dot org with the subject line “Interested in DHNE editorship”.

  • Tell me a little about your scholarly background and interests within digital humanities.
  • Brainstorm 2 or 3 ideas (or more) for posts that you’d like to write; describe each one in 50-100 words.
  • Send me a link to your existing blog and your WordPress user ID.

This doesn’t have to be formal at all— I just want to see what you’re thinking. I’ll respond to your emails as soon as I can, and I’ll announce each new editor with an introductory post. Thanks for your interest!

(Please circulate this post widely to your friends, students, and colleagues.)


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